Activities of the Chair

    Sara Poli

    Professor Sara Poli has been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in 2013. The name of the Chair is: “Good governance inside and outside the EU”. The programme of the chair comprises teaching and research activities in two policy/research areas: the European Neighbourhood policy and the EU’s promotion of good governance principles.

    The teaching activity consists in two courses of 45 hours each.  The first entitled “EU law and the neighubourhood policy”  is held in the First Cycle (Laurea) Degree Programme in International and Public Institutions Political Sciences (L 16). The second course is entitled “European Union and good governance” and is held in the Second Cycle (Laurea magistrale) Degree in International studies (LM 52). Each course is open to all students of the Pisa University and is based on a series of lectures held by qualified experts coming from the EU institutions and bodies, academia, diplomacy and civil society.

    The research activity consists in the organization of two international events: the first is an international workshop entitled “The EU and its Values in its Neighbourhood: contestation and consistency” (taking place on 3rd October 2014). The second is a conference on the EU’s contribution to good governance principles and will be held in Autumun 2015. The details on the organization of the events will be published in this website and will be widely advertised through other channels.